Saturday, 11 June 2011

A veteran of my makeup collection ~ Maybelline Time for Wine Eyeshadow Quad , Review , Swatches

Maybelline Time for Wine Eyeshadow Quad

I am quite attached to this eyeshadow quad from Maybelline. Not because of the color,pigmentation, texture etc but because this is one of the very first makeup thing I bought with my first salary around 3 years back. Has it been that long already?? I bought a couple of other things and got a Watershine lipgloss free. I was sooo happy.

After the first few months of everyday use , this was relegated to the bottom of my eyeshadow pile. I shopped a bit of Maybelline stuff recently for a cousin and I saw that this quad is still very much available in the stores. So  I thought I will do a quick review and swatches .

I am generally drawn to these type of colors - nude pink, Deep purple. I think this color scheme is one of the most common colors in eyeshadow quads. I have 3 quads which all have similar colors. Though I love all the four colors in the quad- they are very versatile and can take a look from day to night , I feel the texture and the pigmentation are not upto the mark.

Swatches Of Maybelline Time for Wine

Swatch of Maybelline time for Wine
Price? Rs 240

The Good?

  • I really like 2 colors in the quad. The upper left color. It is meant to be used as an all over lid color and I really like it for that purpose. It might look whitish in the swatches but on my skin it blends seamlessly to give me that smooth polished look.   Also love the upper right color. I use it to smudge my eyeliner and sometimes I like to use it in the outer corner.
  • The upper 2 colors are smooth and easy to blend. I don’t experience any fallout from the Lid color and just a little but from the crease color.
  • Its very economically priced and easily available everywhere

The Not So Good?

  • The lower 2 colors are loaded with shimmer. I get heavy fall out from both these colors.Especially the dark outer corner color. The gold glitter gets everywhere
  • The lower 2 colors ( brow and outer corner) are chalky in consistency.
  • These eyeshadows don’t last very very on my eyes.

Makeup-Mantra rating 6/10

I mostly use this quad for the lid color. The rest of the colors don’t really work for me. But I am going to hang on to this quad for as long as possible. I have very happy memories attached to this one.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline eyeshadow quads? Which was the first makeup product you bought with your first salary ?

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