Sunday, 17 July 2011

For soft kohl lined eyes ~ MAC Smut Eyeshadow MAC

MAC Smut Eyeshadow

MAC Smut eyeshadow


Price – Rs 680 for refill pan and Rs. 900 for eyeshadow pot

Color – Dark grey brown with subtle purple shimmer

Good for – Smoking out eyeliner, Crease color, Grey smoky eyes

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shimmery Pink ~ MAC Pink Venus Eyeshadow

MAC Pink Venus Eyeshadow

Finish- Lustre

Price – Rs 680 for refill pan and Rs. 900 for eyeshadow pot

Color – Light Pink with Silver shimmer

Good for – Simple eye makeup  with subtle eyeshadow color

MAC Pink Venus Eyeshadow

Friday, 8 July 2011

Eyes Wide Open ~ Chambor Sparkling eye liner in Soft Star Review

Chambor Sparkling Eye Liner in Soft Star

Sorry for the lack of post girls! I am juggling 4 projects at present at work. I love the word juggling btw. It conjures up such a fun image. When I think I am juggling projects, in my head I picture 3 projects suspended mid air in a semi circle and I am at the bottom of the circle working furiously on one project. I am rambling! Delirious with the few hours of sleep I am getting.

Chambor Soft Star

The many hours at work and the few hours of sleeping is giving me terrible dark circles. Thank God I have the Chambor Sparkling eye liner. This is a shimmery champagne color eye pencil with golden shimmer and a few golden glitter particles. This is my go to pencil when I want to divert attention away from my dark circles and make my eyes look wide awake. A dash of this in the inner corner of my eyes adds a bit of glamour to my eye look.

This eye pencil has shimmer as well as glitter. What I mean by glitter is visible flecks of golden tiny things. Because of this , its not exactly suited for work.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

For glossy red lips ~ Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Cherries in the Glow

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Cherries in the Glow

Whenever I am at Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle or Health and Glow I always feel so tempted to buy Revlon products. But Revlon prices are too high for what is essentially a drugstore brand. A couple of months back I had an hour to go before boarding and there was this Revlon counter at the airport and no SA. I went crazy swatching everything.  It was so much fun. I loved the eyeshadow quad. Almost all of the quads had very pretty colors. But I held back because of the price ~ Arnd 600-700.

I bought a couple of Super Lustrous lipglosses a year back. Cherries in the glow was one of them and it is really really pretty. This type of muted red color is one of my favorite colors for lip products. This kinda looks like the Nivea Lip balm in strawberry. This color instantly brightens up my face.

Price? Rs 400 approximately

Cherries in the Glow

Sunday, 3 July 2011

MAC Eyeshadow love ~ My MAC Neutral eyeshadow palette

MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

MAC eyeshadows are my most favorite makeup play things. What can be more fun than a myriad of pretty colors in different textures? Whenever I pass by a MAC store I feel like stopping by at least once to gaze at the beautiful eyeshadow display. If I ever win a lottery or something I will buy all MAC eyeshadows. They are just too pretty!!!

While I love brighter colors like Sushi Flower , Deep Truth et all , I love MAC neutral shades more. This is my MAC neutral eyeshadow palette. This is the pallete I reach out for every morning. Some colors like Girlie,  Satin Taupe and Shale are not exactly office appropriate colors. I will be swapping  them with some brown shades  when I get them. I am eyeing grain, soft brown, expresso and mystery. The obsession never stops!

I have another palette which has all my brighter eyeshadows.  I will do a post on that when its completely full.  I have an entire post on some of these shadows. I will add the links in this post.

Top Row (L-R) Girlie, All That glitters, Brule, Arena, Woodwinked

Middle Row (L-R) Shale, Tete-a-Tint, Texture, Mulch, Embark

Bottom Row( L-R) Sketch, Stain Taupe  Swish Chocolate, Smut, Carbon

Fabindia Coral Glow Facepack Review

Fabindia Coral glow face pack

The best face pack I have encountered so far is the simple yogurt and oats face pack. But I have an obsessive need to try more and more products. I swear whenever I see something new I feel like buying it asap, if it doesn’t happen I keep thinking when I will lay my hands on it. This obsession has to stop I tell ya!. I feel alarmed at seeing my credit card bills each month, and also a little bit ashamed these days. I have decided to put a stop on my excessive spending and decided to re visit a few oldies. The Fabindia Coral Glow face pack is one such product. I used this very often when I got it , but somehow it got relegated to the bottom of the ever growing pile of beauty products.

I started using this face pack again and fell back in love J. This facepack smells very nice sandalwood powder. Its very easy to use and works very well to make my skin smoother. The facepack is not very finely milled and I love it for that. I mix a bit of the powder with either milk or water. Since the granules are slightly big I love to use this as a scrub first and then leave it on for around ten minutes.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Toni & Guy Iron-it Heat Defence Spray Review

Toni&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray

I am a big fan of curly and wavy hair. Think Julia Roberts. I can do anything to get hair like that.  Its definitely possible with a wig or something. But wigs creep me out big biggg time. Imagine wearing a gorgeous curly haired wig(totally inspired by Julia Roberts hair) to a wedding. And with all the sari and the jewellery and on top of everything this wig, I am sure to start feeling very very hot in a few short minutes. Then I would probably go stand in front of those gigantic fans. I love those fans btw( what a blast of air!!) and the wig goes flying off. That incident would probably top the long list of embarrassing incidents in my life. No thank you very much.

I tried very hard to get that gorgeous curly haired look. I tried to crunch up my wet they say in the magazines but it never works for meL. Do you have any suggestions to get celebrity like wavy/curly hair?

Anywoo I do what works for me best..try to straighten my unmanageable wavy hair. I LOVE!! the Philips straightening iron btw. It works very well and heats up very quickly. But I found that if I just straighten my hair without any kind of hair spray or something my hair gets wavy after a day. Also I straighten at least the front portion of my hair every time I wash my hair. The constant straightening was starting to dry my hair out. I spotted the Toni and Guy Heat Defense spray at Health and Glow a few months ago. I didn’t know any other such spray and decided to try it out.

Heres what I think about it.