Saturday, 2 July 2011

Toni & Guy Iron-it Heat Defence Spray Review

Toni&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray

I am a big fan of curly and wavy hair. Think Julia Roberts. I can do anything to get hair like that.  Its definitely possible with a wig or something. But wigs creep me out big biggg time. Imagine wearing a gorgeous curly haired wig(totally inspired by Julia Roberts hair) to a wedding. And with all the sari and the jewellery and on top of everything this wig, I am sure to start feeling very very hot in a few short minutes. Then I would probably go stand in front of those gigantic fans. I love those fans btw( what a blast of air!!) and the wig goes flying off. That incident would probably top the long list of embarrassing incidents in my life. No thank you very much.

I tried very hard to get that gorgeous curly haired look. I tried to crunch up my wet they say in the magazines but it never works for meL. Do you have any suggestions to get celebrity like wavy/curly hair?

Anywoo I do what works for me best..try to straighten my unmanageable wavy hair. I LOVE!! the Philips straightening iron btw. It works very well and heats up very quickly. But I found that if I just straighten my hair without any kind of hair spray or something my hair gets wavy after a day. Also I straighten at least the front portion of my hair every time I wash my hair. The constant straightening was starting to dry my hair out. I spotted the Toni and Guy Heat Defense spray at Health and Glow a few months ago. I didn’t know any other such spray and decided to try it out.

Heres what I think about it.

Price? Approximately Rs 700 for 200ml

The Good?

It works really really good to give that salon straight hair look. I spritz  this heat defense spray on my hair section by section and then run the straightening iron over it. With just  one swipe I get super smooth and straight hair. The straightening effect last for atleast 2-3 days till the time I wash my hair. My hair doesn’t get dry and frizzy. And I have tried this in humid climates as well. It works just as well.

I use this regularly and this bottle will last me for a really long time.

The Not So Good?

I really wanted to love this product since it makes my hair so straight . The biggest drawback is that it makes my hair really greasy in a day. After 24 hours of using this hair spray I feel like desperately washing it off. Usually I like to give a break of 2 days between shampooing. But with this Ii have to wash my hair the very next day.

I absolutely hate the smell of this. This smells very chemically. And the worst part is that the smells lingers. So after this I like to put a nice smelling shine serum to take the smell off.

Makeup-Mantra Rating? 6/10

While I love that it does it works well, I really hate that it makes my hair greasy in a day. I don’t think I will repurchase this. I will try and search for a nice smelling one J. This works well for those one off party days when I don’t mind washing my hair the next day. This comes in a small 50ml can as well. If you are looking for a heat defense spray and  are unable to  find anything better I would suggest try the smaller size.

How do you straighten your hair? Which heat Defense Spray do you like?


  1. Just followed ya..! Gotta say......i love ur way of writing reviews!! :) :) :)

  2. I got tired of straightening my hair every other day so I got it relaxed - no more sprays for me :).. thks for the review - I'll avoid this one :D

  3. Hi Fathima...Thank u soo much:) u jus made my day :D

  4. Hi Tanveer..Ya straightening everyday is a big pain..I love how low maintenence straightened hair is:)Happy you found the review helpful..

  5. Thanks. I just bought it blindly at the store. for about 400 rs in Pakistan. Hope it works.btw Great blog!

  6. Nice review dear.. plz do tell me whether we have to wash our hair after straightening them..