Friday, 8 July 2011

Eyes Wide Open ~ Chambor Sparkling eye liner in Soft Star Review

Chambor Sparkling Eye Liner in Soft Star

Sorry for the lack of post girls! I am juggling 4 projects at present at work. I love the word juggling btw. It conjures up such a fun image. When I think I am juggling projects, in my head I picture 3 projects suspended mid air in a semi circle and I am at the bottom of the circle working furiously on one project. I am rambling! Delirious with the few hours of sleep I am getting.

Chambor Soft Star

The many hours at work and the few hours of sleeping is giving me terrible dark circles. Thank God I have the Chambor Sparkling eye liner. This is a shimmery champagne color eye pencil with golden shimmer and a few golden glitter particles. This is my go to pencil when I want to divert attention away from my dark circles and make my eyes look wide awake. A dash of this in the inner corner of my eyes adds a bit of glamour to my eye look.

This eye pencil has shimmer as well as glitter. What I mean by glitter is visible flecks of golden tiny things. Because of this , its not exactly suited for work.

Swatch of Chambor Eye Liner in Soft Star

Price? Approximately Rs 300

The Good?

The color really complements my dusky skin tone. But I believe this will look lovely on fairer girls as well. Its not as stark as white and its not a garish yellow gold. Its more like a champagne gold or a nude gold if that makes any sense!

I love how it brightens up my eyes with just a tini bit in my inner corners.

I quite like the formula of this pencil. Its not creamy at all – in fact I would say it’s a bit hard and dry. But I think that’s what makes it just a good inner corner highlight color. I doubt a creamy eye pencil would last at the inner tear ducts for more than a coupla minutes.

Since I only need a wee bit, one pencil will last for ever.

The Not So Good?

I really wish this liner didn’t have the flecks of golden glitter. Someone should make the exact same color without the glitter bits. Its more suitable for a night out rather than for office.

Makeup-Mantra rating? 9/10

I really love this eye pencil. If I run out I will probably re purchase if I cant find a similar color in a less shimmery version. Chambor makes terrific eye pencils. I LOVE!! their eye tattoo pencils. I have raved about one of them here. Their eye contour kohl pencils are the only ones which are not good ( the ones that come with the transparent cap).

Do swatch this one at the Chambor counter  and let me know what you think!


  1. i m going to get this..its a beautiful shade:)

  2. Hey Anamika...Yep it is a really pretty color :)..the swatch is not showing the glitter bits though

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  4. I have this too! It's wonderful on the waterline :)

  5. Hey Ik : Lol we think alike :D
    Yep I am planning to do some kind of EOTD since a long time now..Darker version would look a really deep muted gold or something..I have no idea about the MAC eye pencils..i am too scared to explore them current obssesion with eyeshadows is costing me enuf money !

  6. Hey Tanveer : I havnt tried it on the water line cos of the glitter..I will try it for sure.. thanks for the tip :)

  7. :D Do do! EOTD! Oh and those champagne coloured pencils.. I know what you are saying! I seriously need to get a proper job..:| How much I crib no?! Bah!

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