Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fabindia Coral Glow Facepack Review

Fabindia Coral glow face pack

The best face pack I have encountered so far is the simple yogurt and oats face pack. But I have an obsessive need to try more and more products. I swear whenever I see something new I feel like buying it asap, if it doesn’t happen I keep thinking when I will lay my hands on it. This obsession has to stop I tell ya!. I feel alarmed at seeing my credit card bills each month, and also a little bit ashamed these days. I have decided to put a stop on my excessive spending and decided to re visit a few oldies. The Fabindia Coral Glow face pack is one such product. I used this very often when I got it , but somehow it got relegated to the bottom of the ever growing pile of beauty products.

I started using this face pack again and fell back in love J. This facepack smells very nice sandalwood powder. Its very easy to use and works very well to make my skin smoother. The facepack is not very finely milled and I love it for that. I mix a bit of the powder with either milk or water. Since the granules are slightly big I love to use this as a scrub first and then leave it on for around ten minutes.

Price? Rs 230 for 100 gms

The Good?

  • This works very well to take dead skins off , especially because I first use this as a scrub. It makes my skin smooth without drying it out.
  • I love the packaging and the cute wooden spoon 
    • This smells very nice. I feel relaxed when I use this pack.
    • This has helped me take some of my tan off. Nothing too drastic. But I guess almost every face pack does that.
    • Each applications requires just one spoon of product. This one product will last me a really long time. Great value for money!

    The Not So Good?

    My skin somehow gets stressed out if I use it too often – like if I use it twice a week. I don’t know what it is, but if I use this after a really long time,  say around 10 days my skin reacts very well, looks all glowy. But if used too often it makes my skin look dull.

    Makeup-Mantra Rating? 7/10

    The Fabindia Coral face pack works really well to give me that smooth complexion after one use. But then so does a basic pack of curd&oats or malai&besan. But this is a good product  to have to use in rotation with other products. I will probably not repurchase this once it gets over cause I am sure I will find something else to keep my beauty routine interesting. Also I don’t like it that it is not very gentle and kinda stresses my skin out with frequent use.

    Have you tried the Fabindia Coral Glow face pack? What do you think of it ?


    1. I think this has been discontinued.. That is what the store guy told me few mnths ago :P

    2. oh is it ?? thanks for letting me know :)

    3. ya d availability is an issue..wud check dis out..sounds super nice :)

    4. Great pick & it has been discontinued??? Anyway, loving your blog & following you! Do come visit me & maybe follow me if you like.

      Gauri Ketkar.

    5. @bhumika : Yup Fabindia products are nt very easily available.

    6. @ Gauri : I dont know if it has been discontinued..i will find out and let you know..
      Thanks for following me:)
      Will check out your blog for sure :)