Thursday, 14 April 2011

A drink for your skin? Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer

Moisturizers....face cream what ever you choose to call's the most primitive of all  skin care products ...long before we heard of toners, primers,bronzers every dressing table had at least one small tub of face cream. I remember using ponds cold cream as a little girl. Choice was simple. . uncomplicated as options were few. Now with a million (ok i am exaggerating a bit ) moisturizers /face creams whatever you like to call it beckoning us from every aisle of department stores or even your local supermarket the quest for the perfect moisturizer seems like a herculean challenge (well almost :P).And why not every girl  dreams of a flawless satiny smooth radiantly dewy complexion.

Clinique Moisture Surge 
I have been on a treasure hunt for my holy grail of moisturizer. A magic potion that will turn my skin incandescent. ( Lol I am such a drama queen).After going through tubs of inexpensive and expensive moisturizers one day I found myself in Clinique store of my neighborhood mall. My skin had taken a beating under the Goan sun . Result of a heavenly beach vacation equals uneven skin tone, dryness, dullness and occasional break outs...basically all the skin problems that gives us night mares. Anyway I set out to find  a potion that wud banish all my mean task i understand. Clinique has an amazing range of skincare products... all suited to different skin types. My eyes fell upon this innocent looking tiny tub filled with a peach colored gel. The name on the tub----Moisture surge, extended thirst relief. I tried some on my hands immediately, the gel based emulsion sunk into my skin without any ...n I repeat any traces of oiliness. I bought a 50 ml jar without further ado. Since Clinique products are allergy tested and they are very good with returns I normally don't have to worry too much before buying a product. Not to mention every Clinique counter has a dermatologist and they first do an analysis of your skin and suggest products that will suit your skin type. And unlike other brands they don’t push you to purchase something...not too much anyway.

Clinique Moisture Surge

I came home eager to try out the moisture surge on my skin. The name itself is so alluring .Anyway after washing my face squeaky clean i proceeded to put on the moisturizer. Believe me only a little goes a long way. It melted into my skin immediately. I got up in the morning to a dewy fresher looking skin. I have to say this moisturizer really lives upto it's name. With just one application I saw remarkable improvements. My uneven skin tone was much less noticeable, my break outs diminished and my skin was looking and feeling healthier. I have been using this twice a day both as a day cream under my sunscreen and as a night cream. Since this moisturizer is completely water based its does not leave your skin oily even after a few hours of application.The emulsion is very light and it simply sinks into your skin. My skin type is combination oily and Moisture surge works wonderfully with this skin type. This moisturizer is designed to suit all skin types. I am sure it will be as wonderful to drier skin types also. Girls with drier skin will  probably need to use more of the product.
Price ? $34 dollars in US and Rs2200 in India.
Best suited for ? I think all skin types.  Extremely dry skin types might not find this too moisturizing.
The Good-
·         Makes skin smooth and velvety
·         Gel based moisturizer so its completely non oily
·         Makes my skin look glowy and hydrated.
The Not so Good-
  • ·   It’s too expensive. My skin gets really bad after a beach vacation hence I could justify spending so much on a 50ml jar of moisturizer.

I have been using this on and off for a few months. I don’t use this every day as I don’t want it to get over. And I really like this gel. It does what it claims.
Moisturizer according to me is the most important weapon in any girl's beauty arsenal. Nothing i mean nothing can beat flawless skin. It is the perfect canvas for putting makeup to highlight our best features.
Try this once at the Clinique counter...maybe with moisture surge your quest will come to a happy closure.,...till  of course you want to search for the perfect toner, cleanser or primer or....d list is endless.

Makeup-Mantra rating: 9/10

Watch out for my next post on Body Shop Shower gels..Till then happy moisturizing :)

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