Thursday, 7 April 2011

Smoky Smudgy oomph in 2 mins ~ M.A.C 219 brush

I walked into M.A.C one early Wednesday evening and the store was empty.Yipee!! Means undivided attention from the MUAs. I was in luck as South India head of MAC was in the store that day. I asked her if she could show me how to do the smudgy  eye look. She took this really black kohl and smudged in to my lower and upper waterlines with short strokes. 

Then she picked up Sketch a deep purple eyeshadow and smudged it in with the 219 brush. Oh my GODDD. Amazinglyyyy smoky eyes in 2 minutes flat. I had to get the brush!! It was like a magic wand performing smoky miracles!

Here are the pics-

My MAC 219 Brush

My MAC 219 Brush

Price u ask ? INR 1400. My poor credit card let out a heart wrenching yelp.The baby needs some rest.

How to ? Pick up any darkish eyeshadow with the MAC 219 and run it over your eyeliner. It will give a soft smoky look.

Best suited for ? Girls who like to smoke out their liner. You can also use for this brush  specific placement of crease color.

The Good  
  • Perfect for smoking out eyeliners. Works in a jiffy
  • The pointed head is perfectly shaped and sized.
The not so good
  •  The price of course. I don’t understand why MAC is so much more expensive in India than in US. 
  • The bristles could be softer. 
All in all I love the brush. This along with my MAC 217 is my everyday eye makeup brush. I love the soft smudgy eyeliner/kajal look for office and the dark smoky look for going out. This brush works perfectly for both situations. I loooove it ! J

Makeup-Mantra Rating :-8.5/10

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