Thursday, 7 April 2011

Beauty Elixir ~ Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

More often than not my innocuous weekly casual stroll through a mall turns into a giant shopping fest. On one such malling trip I decided to check out Clarins. Now Clarins has been in India since many many years long before MAC, Chanel, YSL etc. The red and white counter always beckoned me but this is the first time I ventured in. Reasons for holding back, 

1- I feel scared of pushy sales assistants. 
2- Red attracts me like it attracts a bull in a bull fighting ring..albeit with completely opposite reactions. While the bull charges in to attack its opponent, I rush excitedly to acquire my newest red possession.So I knew if I do go check out the pretty displays I am bound to drop a few thousand (hard earned ??) rupees. Yes this is how I limit my shopping craziness :)

One fine afternoon I entered Shoppers stop to find Clarins right in front of me. I thought I would check out the Clarins line finally. I was looking for a brightening serum. The SA approached and was super friendly and not pushy (thank god!). She showed me some whitening serum. Now fair and lovely ads have turned me off from Whitening/lightening products for a lifetime. I really liked the texture of the various products I was trying out though. She showed me Lotus oil which is a facial oil for oily /combination skinned girls. She said this oil is great for getting rid of blemishes and getting radiant skin. I really loved the concept of applying oil on my skin ..seemed very natural. She also said Clarins makes its products from various plant extracts. I am instantly attracted to natural products like this. Needless to say I was sold. 

Anyway long story short I went home with this little bottle of face oil.
Here is the info on Lotus Oil from the Clarins Website :-

For Combination Skin prone to Oiliness- This face treatment oil purifies and rebalances the skin, tightens pores and refines skin texture. Contains essential oils of rosewood and geranium and lotus extract.

My First Clarins Product

Price u ask ? INR 1975 for 40 ml.
Now this seems like a lot but you need teeni tiny amount each time so this actually lasts a very long time.

How to ? Basically you need to take a few drops on your palm and pat it on to your skin gently. The skin should be moistened prior to applying. I use my Body shop Vitamin E toner first. I don’t need a moisturizer after this but if you feel like it you can use a night cream/lotion after this.

Best suited for ? Oily/combination skin girls. Although since this is in oil format this might suit normal skin types also. This has never dried out my cheek are which is more of normal skin type.

    The Good  :-
  •  This really works. My skin is less oily the next day but not in a matiffying dry way. This makes your oily skin look normal. If that makes any sense.
  • Skin looks smooth, radiant and glowy.
  • If I feel a zit coming I put this oil on it. It definitely reduces in size. This is much more effective than the Clean & Clear Spot control.
The not so good
  •  The packaging sucks. There is no dropper of any kind. I accidently pour out more than needed and with an expensive product it’s the last thing I want.
  • After putting this oil the skin looks oily. So you have to put this right before sleeping . No one of the products which you can put right after coming home. Not if you want to go about the house with an extremely oily looking skin and people looking at your face strangely :P.

All in all I am really impressed with this product. This was definitely one of my money well spent purchase( I wish I could say that about most of the stuff I own ). They do make couple of other facial oils. My friend who has dry skin tried Santal oil after I raved about the Lotus oil and she loves it too. Clarins SA was very very generous with the samples. I got samples of a serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, body moisturizer, lip balm and foundation. What can I say ? I just love freebies. I get sucked right in.
I love rating beauty stuff  :)

Makeup mantra rating 9/10

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