Friday, 15 April 2011

It’s Shower time - Body Shop Shower Products

Do you like taking long showers? The hot water gushing at your back while you day dream about the dream vacation, your cute guy or maybe just more makeup J . Well I love to take long relaxing showers and these Body shop shower products have made a permanent home on my very small bathroom shelves.
Body shop has been one of my favorite brands since a long time. Along with their yummy smelling body butters, shower gels are my favorite products from TBS. These are the few goodies that I absolutely love.

Let me start with my favorite of the lot

1- Strawberry Body Polish – The smell is amazing. Just take a whiff at the store and I promise you will love it! I love the gel like consistency not too runny just right. The granules are a little too less though for any real body polishing to happen. I use this mainly as a light scrub. This is the product I most reach for when I want to feel happy and refreshed .

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish
Price  ? INR 445
Makeup-Mantra rating - 9/10 ( 1 point knocked off for the less number of scrubby particles)

2- Strawberry Shower gel – This and the body polish smells exactly alike and are essentially the same thing except that this does not have the scrubby bits. Why did I buy this then ? Because  I love the smell and couldn’t resist another strawberry smelling gel!

Price  ? INR 325
Makeup-Mantra rating - 10/10

Satsuma, Strawberry and Moringa Shower gels

3-Satsuma Shower gel- This one smells all orangy and zesty. I use this for mornings when I need a quick wake me up.
Makeup-Mantra rating:- 9/10

4- Shower gloves- I love the color I got this in! Though if you are not a fan of bright pink this is also available in other colors. I put these on and then wet them and pour out the shower gel directly on this. This is the most effective body scrub I have found. The gloves are a bit harsh the first couple of times but then it softens a bit. And my god it feels so invigorating using these gloves. My skin feels super soft when I use this and remains that way for the next 2-3 days at least. I love it!
Price ? I think this was priced around 200. I don’t remember the exact price.
Makeup-Mantra rating:- 9/10

5Pink Shower Loofah- Very dense and soft. Best loofah I have used till date and it comes in a variety of fun colors.
Price ? I think it was priced at Rs 145. I couldn’t find the info on their website.
Makeup-Mantra rating:- 10/10

I love the body shop shower products a lot. These shower gels have never dried out my skin and they smell amazing as I have mentioned so many times before. I think for the quality the price is ok. It is not super cheap but its not ridiculously overpriced also. And for each shower you actually need very less so they last for a really long time. I will continue to repurchase these in future as well.
Which one is your favorite ?

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