Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lakme Fantasy collection and permanent collection haul

I am sporting brand new nail polished toes( gorgeous metallic grey color) and a self satisfied smirk. A deadly combination of yummylicious feta cheese for dinner and a makeup haul. I absolutely love feta cheese and could have it for all my meals if it were any cheaper. I guess good things in life don’t come cheap ( sigh!!) especially makeup…though this post is on a somewhat cheapy haul..

So I went to pay my quarterly homage to the nearest Health and Glow. H&G and NewU seem to be the only beauty stores in India. How I long for the day when Sephora sets shop here. On my trip to US when I first laid my eyes on Sephora I just stood there and gaped at it like a fool with my mouth open  quite akin  to a fish. Anyway I digress, like I usually do.
With futher ado I present to you my Lakme Haul. 
Lakme Haul

      I got 2 things from the Fantasy collection. 

  • Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Astral Green:- This color is just so beautiful. I can imagine this looking good on all skin tones. They had 4 more colors which were very pretty as well. Black,Pink,Clear with glitter and gold. This is priced at 275 INR. The color I got is a jade green with golden shimmer. I plan to use this with very simple eye makeup look with  Groundwork paintpot and just this liner for a pop of color. 

Fantasy Shimmer Liner in Astral Green

  • Enrich Satin Lipstick in 133:- This is my first Lakme lipstick. Sure I have bought lakme lipsticks before but only for my mom. This is a peachish brownish shade which is a very natural nude color for me. The texture is quite smooth and creamy. But since I haven’t used this a lot its too early to comment.This is priced at 225 INR.
Lakme Enrich Satin lipstick 133


I have to say I am very impressed by this collection. The colors are bright and modern. They have introduced new fun products like shadow sticks and the stick cream blush. I loved the shadow sticks but found them to be pricey(350 INR) for such a stubby ( albeit cute) pencil. I also loved the stick blush.It comes in 2 colors – peach and rose. I tried the rose color on my cheeks. It gives a very natural looking flush on my cheeks. And its not sticky at all. It set to almost a powdery finish. I was very impressed. But I wanted to test the blush in natural light so maybe I will go back some day and get it.I also liked the eyeshadow quad. The plumy brown color in particular is very pretty.The bronzer was too glittery though.

Lakme has a promotion offer going on where in on a purchase of Rs 650 you get the Satin Kajal free. Now satin Kajal was on my wishlist ever since it released . I also wanted to try out the Lakme Pure Radiance compact. So I got that in number 05. I will do a full review on that and the kajal later on.

Total damages amounted to 650 rupees which is not too bad considering the free kajal worth 150.On comparison to MAC where nothing costs less than 1k this seems like a steal. But then again nothing gets my pulse racing than MAC and high end makeup :).

All in all this was a very a very happy makeup shopping for me. Till the next post adios :) :)

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