Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A cute little thing for makeup storage

I love makeup storage and organization ideas. Since my makeup collection is expanding and my bank balance is declining at an alarming rate I needed cheap storage solutions . I found one such organizer during a random visit to Alfa in Mumbai. This cute little thing is made of bamboo or similar kinda material and decorated with  pretty and girly lace.They had many such organizers in various shapes and sizes and I had to really control myself to not pick any more. I got this for around 200 Rs but they have increased their prices to 300-400 range last I checked.

 I keep this cutie on my vanity to keep everything neat and organized and within reach. Starting from the right I keep my various cheapy eyeshadow palettes and Maybelline powder blush. In the center slot I keep few of my lipsticks and Revlon lipglosses. Left most corner is for random things like mascara,concealer,lip glosses,lip balms and the Garnier eye roll on.
I plan to go there again and get a couple of more such things. I need a holder for Q tips, cotton balls and cotton pads. It would be nice to have them at one place rather than just sticking my arm inside my cupboard  ,hoping my fingers would grab at some makeup removing device.

How do you organize and store your makeup ? I would love to know!

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