Saturday, 9 April 2011

One step to glowing skin ~ Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

I love beaches. If I had the luxury of taking multiple vacations in a year all of them would be at some or the other beach. During my last beach vacation to Goa (it was amazing fun) my skin took a beating from the harsh Goan sun. And yes I put loads of sunscreen and aloe vera gel and what not. My hand and legs got extremely dry and itchy.I tried all sorts of lotion in Goa but nothing seemed to help. When I finally got back home I put on my trusty Body shop Cocoa body butter. And voila within a couple of days my skin was even better than before. With regular application of this body butter ( 2-3 times a day) within a week my skin was positively glowing. It looked like I had put on a shimmery body lotion. Till now I never thought I could get such healthy glowing body skin. However I did slather on the body butter right after showering each day which I think is the most crucial time to moisturize. And did I mention the smell ? Its amazingly yummylicious. It smells of chocolate milk shake. I love it!

Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter
Price ? Rs 745. But I get it at 10% discount since I am a member. Also Body Shop runs promotions each month, so you could wait for that and get a better deal.

How to ? I moisturize after showering and before hitting the bed at night.

Best Suited for ? I think this body butter is best suited for dry skin types. Oily/normal skin        types might find it greasy.

The good-
  •    Does what it claims. It really moisturizes my skin. Makes it soft, glowy and healthy.
  •    I love the chocolaty smell.
  •   Little quantity is needed for each application.
  •   I quite like the tub packaging.

The not so good-
  •   It’s a bit expensive for a body care product.
  • Some people may find it a little greasy

I absolutely love this body butter. I have used many Body shop products and none of them have disappointed me so far. I would totally recommend this body butter especially to dry skinned girls.I have a few other Body Shop products that I am currently using. I will be reviewing them shortly.

Makeup-Mantra Rating :- 9/10

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