Wednesday, 8 June 2011

To ban a tan ~ Try these homemade face masks

I have already cribbed  in almost half my posts about my sun sensitive skin. I tan very easily. Put me 2 mins outside on a really sunny day . Wham! I zoom straight from NC 42 to NC 50.

I refuse to give up sunning myself on Goan beaches just to have good skin. After all what are cosmetics and beauty tips for. They should come to the rescue , right?

The following two are my favorite masks ever. These are just basic easy to make masks and I am sure you would have definitely tried one of them. No rocket science here, just wanted to share my 2 paisa’s worth of wisdom on this blog.

Yogurt and Oats Mask

I love the combination of yogurt and oatmeal in a face pack. It really does wonders for my skin. My tan visibily reduces and my skin becomes really soft and glowy. Sometimes I add a bit of honey .

Yogurt- Half a teaspoon. I use thick yogurt like the Nestle Curd. The thicker it is the more easily it spreads on my skin.
Oats – I use the good old Quaker oats for this. ! teaspoon is enough for the face.

I like to mix the yogurt and the oats together and let it sit for a while.After about 5 minutes the oats get really soft and I mush the mixture a bit with my fingers before putting it on. I let it sit for a good 20 mins before washing off.

Warning : Applying is a bit of a pain because the crumbly bits keep falling off. Also yogurt doesnot smell very nice.

The end result is very good. I love how my skin feels afterwards. And the tan lessens to a great extent.

Malai and besan or Milk Cream and Gram flour (For dry skin)

This mask is equally effective at getting tan off. Since malai is a very rich product this is best suited for dry skinned girls. This is one of the most popular desi face packs. All our moms at some point in our life have forced us to put this on.

I just mix besan and malai to get a thick paste . I like using this on my arms more than my face. And the results are really good.

None of these packs will get rid of the tan overnight. But they do help in gradually reducing it if used everyday for around 2 weeks. 
Have you tried any of these face masks at home? What is your secret homemade face pack recipe? Do share..I promise not to tell anyone :) 

*Both Images taken from google images.

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