Sunday, 5 June 2011

Budget Perfume ~ Body Shop Moroccan Rose EDT review

When The Moroccan Rose and the Japanese Cherry Blossom range was introduced to us by the Body Shop,  I was really only interested in the Cherry Blossom range. I thought the Moroccan Rose line will smell typically of roses, you know like the Ponds Cold Cream and fragrances of the yester years. Which smells like baby powder mixed with rose extract.

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose EDT
I went with the full intention of picking up the Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT but instead came home with the Moroccan Rose one. This was over a year back and this has gone on to become one of the permanent resident on my dresser. This perfume just smells oh so fresh. Moroccan Rose smells like fresh roses- no hint of any powder here at all. And this is a very work appropriate fragrance. I can just happily spritz away and I can be sure it will not be offensive to anyone.

Moroccan rose is a one note perfume though. There are no  top notes, middle notes and bases notes. It just smells of fresh roses right from the time I spray it.

Price? Rs 895

The Good ?

  • I love how this smells. Just fresh fresh roses.
  • I was pretty surprised by the lasting power of this. I really though that since this is an EDT it will barely last 2 hours before vanishing into thin air (quite literally). But this last around 6-7 hours.
  • I quite like the bottle design. Simple yet cute.
  • I feel the price is just about right.

The Not So Good?

While this smells really really good. All flowery and fresh , this is a simple fragrance. I like my perfumes to be a little complex. So I doubt I will repurchase this again.

Makeup Mantra Rating 8/10

This is a simple perfume which I feel is very well made. I feel this is one of those safe fragrances who can always fall back upon when you are not able to decide which of your perfumes you want to wear that day. Have you tried the Body Shop Moroccan Rose perfume? What is your favorite scent of all times?

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