Friday, 24 June 2011

A creaseless wonder ~ NYX HD eyeshadow base , Review, Photos, Swatches

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

Won’t it be wonderful if we could buy a magic potion that can turn oily skin into a normal oil free skin type permanently? Since that is still some time away ( I am hoping cosmetic giants are working furiously  on making something like this), lets explore what options we have to control the oilies for a few hours at least.

I spend quite a few precious minutes each morning meticulously applying  MAC matte eyeshadows. I love to go the entire length with my eye makeup even in the morning. I do lid, crease, outer V, highlight eyeshadows , eyepencil, kajal, mascara- the works. I strut off to work feeling all happy and pretty. In 3 short hours my eye lids turn oily and my eyeshadows are in a mess. And there is no way to salvage my makeup at this point. It goes all down an oil spilled hill. Enter NYX HD eyeshadow and this is a completely another story.

NYX Eyeshadow base wand
My eyeshadow is intact as it is even after 12 hours. Sometimes if I rub my eyes, the eyeshadow might get rubbed off but my lids stay matte throughout the day till I take my makeup off. This product is a creaseless wonder so to speak J. The NYX HD primer is liquid in consistency and it applies beautifully. The primer spreads easily and applies super smoothly and dries in seconds. This dries with a slightly white cast- nothing too noticeable though. This makes my lids feel a little stretchy though and if my mistake I apply a lot of this primer then my lids feel more stretched. This feeling  goes away after a few minutes though.

Swatch Of NYX HD eyeshadow base

Swatch of NYX HD Eyeshadow base ( Blended)
Price? $7 from Cherryculture

The Good?

  • My eye makeup lasts all day long with this primer underneath. Easily last 12 hours for sure.
  • I love the finish of this. It can spread in thin layers and dries within seconds.
  • This is almost colorless on skin. Just leaves a slight whitish cast
  • I love the packaging of this. The wand is super easily to use. Just 2 dabs on each eye lids and I spread with my fingers. Takes just a few seconds.

The Not So Good?

  • This makes my eye lids a little stretchy for a few seconds. It can get a little uncomfortable.
  • Not easily available in India. I ordered mine from Cherry Culture.

Makeup- Mantra Rating? 9/10

I love this eye primer. I got this because of all the HD hype and didn’t really think it would work so well. This is now one of my morning makeup must haves. I love it when a drugstore makeup works so well! Don’t you?
Have you tried the NYX HD eyeshadow base?

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