Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Desi lotion ~ Khadi Moisturizing cream in Kesar,Aloe-vera &Honey and Rose& Aloe-vera , Review

Khadi Moisturizing cream in Kesar,Aloe-vera &Honey and Rose& Aloe-vera 

What would your senses tell you about a desi lotion packed in vintage looking bottles? When I first saw the Khadi factory/shop in Irla, Bombay this song came to my mind- “Meri Desh ki dharti….”. I don’t know for what damned reason. I don’t even like that song! Maybe my brain conjured up some image of Indian soil spouting lotion,soaps n such. God Knows. Maybe I am just going cuckoo.

The Khadi store is located in some kind of a compound. I think some of the products are manufactured  at this place as well. The beauty store is actually a small shop inside this Khadi compound. Bottles of lotion, facewash etc are kept lined up on ancient looking shelves. More than a beauty store this place looks like some kind of ancient beauty pharmacy. All products (except the dry face packs) were stored in clear plastic bottle with a black top and a simple white label. Somehow very attractive.

For people trying to find Khadi products in Bombay, the address of the store is
Right next to Papilon restaurant on the Alfa Irla Lane,  Irla, Vile Parle (West). Keep in mind though the store closes by 7 in the evening.

I reached the store huffing and puffing  after a mad afternoon of shopping at Bandra around 6.45PM. They had already locked the store. But my friend and I  convinced them that we have come from very far and couldn’t possibly live another day without trying out Khadi products. Some kind lady relented enough to open the store for a few extra minutes. I grabbed whatever I could find quickly. These are the 2 lotions that I got. Kesar,Aloe-vera &Honey and Rose& Aloe-vera.

I love the texture of both the lotions. Tough according to Khadi this is a face cream I like to use both these products as body lotions. Rose& Aloe-vera is lighter in texture and absorbs quickly and leaves behind a wonderful rose aroma. Kesar,Aloe-vera &Honey is thicker in texture and takes some time to absorb but it is more moisturizing of the two. But I don’t like the smell of this at all. It smells like a concoction of chemicals.

Price? Rs 85 for 210ml ( Yes you read that right)

The Good?

  • I like the idea of using and promoting Indian Brands. Both the lotions are quality products which work well to moisturize my skin. These are no Body Shop cocoa butter. But for 85 bucks they are pretty darn good.
  • I love the smell of the Rose & Aloe-Vera rose. It smells of olden days rose smells.A vintage scent if you will.
  •  I really like the way the label is printed.

The Not So Good?

  • The Kesar,Aloe-vera &Honey lotion doesn’t smell nice at all.
  • The cap of the bottle is a flip cap. And it is quite difficult to open.
Makeup-Mantra rating 8/10

I absolutely loved these Khadi lotions. I will definitely be buying the Rose one again. I have used Khadi Soaps as well. The Gulab Chandan one smells divine.
Have you tried any of the Khadi products? Where do you buy them from?


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