Saturday, 4 June 2011

Light me up ~ Revlon Skinlights Review, Photos, Swatches

MUFE Uplights , Nars Orgasm and Laguna highlighters , MAC Lustre drops  are doing the rounds in international beauty blogs , I thought I will do a post on our very own desi liquid highlighter. I am totally lusting after the Nars Orgasm highlighter btw. Do you know of  any good site to order Nars makeup online?

I so wish we could have access to all the international makeup brands in India. And if Sephora ever opens its doors in India  I will be the first one to shop there! For the time being lets explore the options that we have at present. I came across the Revlon Skinlights illuminators about a year back and fell in love with it the moment I swatched it. 

Revlon Skinlight Illuminator
Revlon Skinlights Illuminator
Revlon Skinlights comes in three shades – 01 is the pink shade. It will suit girls with cool undertones. 02 is the peach shade- this is the color that I have and I believe this will be universally flattering across many skin colors. The third one is the bronze color. Its dark brown in color. I seriously couldn’t believe that a drugstore brand can make such a good illuminator. The shimmer particles are very very tiny. This would work well as an overall brightener also. Just mix a tinee tiny drop in your moisturizer and apply. I mostly use this as a highlighter for my cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. And it works amazingly!!

Revlon Skinlights Illuminator Swatch

Price? Around Rs 700

The Good?

  • I love the shade that I got this in. It’s light peach in color with golden and silver shimmer particles.
  • I love the texture of this highlighter. It is very fluid and blends very easily.
  • It looks very natural on wearing. No high frost shine here. Just a pretty subtle glow.
  • The quantity is huge. It will probably last for the longest time.
  • I love the packaging. It’s a pump packaging and dispenses the right amount of product.
  • Rs 700 might seem expensive but I think the price is justified as this is a high quality product in good packaging and generous quantity.
The Not So Good?

I feel this doesn’t last for a very long time. It disappears after 3-4 hours. And if I wear it for a really long time then my skin starts looking oily.

Makeup-Mantra Rating:- 8.5/10

I do wish Revlon reduces the price of their products. There are so many things I would like to try from Revlon but I find the products to be too expensive. Just a couple hundred more and I could buy MAC. Revlon are you listening?

Revlon Skinlights is a very good highlighter that is easily available in Indian market. And I am really impressed that they got the shimmer particles just right. Have you tried the Revlon Skinlights illuminator? 

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