Sunday, 26 June 2011

MAC Haul and some jibber jabber

MAC Eyeshadow Haul

There can be nothing more mood uplifting then a makeup haul. Well, maybe travelling to exotic destinations comes first. Makeup haul, especially MAC haul definitely comes a very close second. The cute boy I am dating is also a smart boy and got into one of India’s best B schools this year. He moved about a week back and I have to say I am not handling the long distance thing well at all. I am whiling my time working super hard at office and moping about doing absolutely nothing at home. I hope it gets easier with time.

Today afternoon in a sudden moment of epiphany I realized I had spent the whole of Friday night and Saturday at one spot on my bed. I didn’t step out of my flat at all. And I usually can’t spend a moment at home on Fridays and Saturdays. I got up with a burst of energy and started clicking a lot of pictures for this blog.I have been ignoring writing for Makeup-Mantra  for a while now and its time to channelize some love here :) This week I have a lot of posts planned for you guys. Hope you have fun.:)

I had MAC vouchers for 3k and had gone shopping sometime this week for some retail therapy.I had so much fun at the MAC store. The girls at the MAC Koramangala store are super friendly and really patient. I love shopping there and inevitably end up spending  way more than I wanted to.

There is a very cute story behind how I got 3k MAC vouchers. So one fine day the boy dropped me as usual to my office and he went off to his, saying he had a lot of work that day. I too had a lot of work that day and by the time I could leave it was almost 8.30. He came around in some time to pick me up. I was in the mood for some Thai food and insisted we go for dinner at this restaurant called Magnolia. Usually he is very chilled out , but today he insisted we go to my place first and get dressed and then leave. That should have been my first clue that something was up but I guess I was too hungry to notice. I insisted more and we went to have dinner. We came back home very late and guess what I saw when I entered my living room. One wall full of gifts. Confused? He gift wrapped many gifts and stuck them all across the wall using some double sided tape. It was sooo much fun to look at. There were streamers and party hats all over the wall. It was soo much fun taking each gift from the wall. Among other things were were 2 MAC gift vouchers of 1500 each. I was over enjoyed. He has sneakily kept my flat keys with him  in the morning and he came back during his lunch time and shopped all across the city for gifts and decorated the wall ..all the while I was in office. It was beyond cute!!! And I had absolutely no idea. One of the best suprises of my life.

Anyhow after the long long story lets move on to what I got from MAC. I got 6 eyeshadows this time- Arena, Tete-Tint, Girlie, Smut, Woodwinked and Humid. I wanted to get Folie and Twinks as well but they didn’t have these in the refill pan. You can see how much I love neutral shades!! I will do a detailed post of each of them later on. Do let me know if you want me to post reviews ,looks and swatches of any of them first.

Top L-R Smut , Tete-Tint, Girlie
Bottom L-R Arena, Woodwinked , Humid
I so wanted to get some MAC blushes as well. I loved Desert Rose and Mocha at the store. Have you used any of them?


  1. That is so cute! How sweet of him to do that for you! I own Humid, but found out that NYX Mermaid Green is a dupe for it. I heard about NYX Mocha being a dupe for MAC Mocha, so I bought the NYX version instead. It looks very similar. Twinks is a great shade. It is one of the few MAC shades woukd repurchase.

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  3. @ Chris : He is adorable!!! Ya NX has many dupes for MAC I guess..I will check out NYX Mocha for sure :) Thanks for the suggestion:)

  4. @Ik : Hilter!! lol.. I can so understand the anti mush phase right after a bad experience..Hope you get over it soon girl!!
    Hehe I am crazy about MAC blushes too..the colors are soo pretty :) I guess Desert Rose and Sur are more suited for dusky skin tones..I will defintely try Melba,Fluer Power and Sunbasque..Thanks for the recommendations :)
    I loveeeee MAC eyeshadows..I can recommended a whole lot of them :D So beware:P
    And finally thanks for your wasnt my birthday that day..It was just a moving out of town suprise/gifts..I really cant get enough MAC vouchers :P

  5. Those eyeshadows are gorrrggeoussss !!!! of luck handling cute boy in top b school. I have a cute boy who was in a top b school..they kill you with work..

  6. Ya MAC eyeshadows are soo pretty..i am seriously scared to count the amount of money I have spent on them..
    Thanks ..I need all the luck :)Already the boy has too much work..i think i will need to move in to his hostel room to even talk to him for 10mins a day..

  7. Humid and woodwinked would look GORGEOUS together :D

    Oh, and Hi :)

  8. Hi Shrutilaya!! Welcome to my blog :) Hope you had a good time browsing through the various posts..great idea about woodwinked and humid together :) Will try it for sure..

  9. WOW and *touch wood * .... hey pls tell me is this the first time i am here ??
    and you are from bangalore ??
    I am loving this place honey :D :D
    and your collection is making me all happy happy (read J if its okay ) :D :D

    and may god bless you both with health and happiness always :D :D

  10. @ Rashmi : Hey Welcome to my blog :) Hope you liked what you saw here :)
    I am presently working in Bangalore...Yep the weather is amazing..but nothing can beat Bombay in my opinion..i am dying to go back :)
    Thank u soo much for your good wishes..soo sweet :) :)
    I regularly check your blog especially for MAC eyeshadows..I am crazy about have a wayyyyy bigger collection than mine :) I love it when you post a new article on a MAC blush or eyeshadow :)

  11. aww :) thank you so much ... pleasure is all mine :d
    i so much loved your way of writing honey :D and just now called anamika and mentioned you ....
    i was like ?? WOW the blog is just WOW :D :D

    love and good wishes to both you of you and yeahhh me too miss Mumbai but loving bangalore as its very laid back here .....