Sunday, 5 June 2011

A little bit of plum ~ NYX Eyeshadow in Eggplant , Photos , Swatches

I think that of the most important words in a girls life is SALE. This simple four letter word can elicit such a range of emotions – the initial flutter of excitement, the thrill of planning and selecting the right shade, the fun of actually shopping and finally the pure joy at opening the parcels and playing with the new goodies.

 I get sucked in each time Cherry Culture has a sale. It is just soo much fun opening up a makeup package!!!The NYX eyeshadow in Eggplant is a part of the Cherry Culture haul a couple of months back. I got this eyeshadow mainly because I was looking for a vibrant purple eyeshadow. On the Cherry Culture site the color looked very vibrant. But on swatching it looks like a medium toned plum.  I loved the color so it worked out anyway. But next time onwards I will definitely check out the swatches online on beaity blogs. Cherry Culture seems to have updated the site with better pictures though.

NYX Single Eyeshadow In Eggplant

The color Eggplant is a pretty plum color which  will look great on medium to dusky skin tone . I love to wear this will a rich black eyeliner on both upper and lower lashlines. And a little bit of matte black eyeshadow like the MAC Carbon in the outer corner. The finish of this is metallic which I feel is the best finish for a NYX eyeshadow.

Swatch Of NYX Eyeshadow In Eggplant

Price? $2-3 After discount

The Good ?

  • I love the finish of the NYX metallic eyeshadows. They apply really smoothly.
  • This is very blendable and not powdery at al. No fallout from this eyeshadow.
  • I like the color a lot. I love purple color eyeshadows anyway. This is a pretty addition to my collection of eyeshadows.
  • It is super economical. Around 3 dollars for a quality eyeshadow. Its insane!
  • I love the quilted top of the eyeshadow. Simple and functional packaging.

The Not So Good ?

This is not very heavily pigmented. Its somewhere in the middle of sheer to pigmented.

Makeup-Mantra Rating:- 9/10

I love NYX eyeshadows and will definitely be ordering more in a few weeks time. Do you have any suggestions? 

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