Sunday, 19 June 2011

Revlon Crème eyeshadow quad in Pink Petal , Review, Photos and Swatches

Revlon Cream Eyeshadow In Pink Petal

I have a cute little tin box where I keep all my eyeshadows. I was rummaging through my makeup things today for some inspiration and found this Revlon eyeshadow pallete.I love the idea of an affordable pallete of 4 cream eyeshadows in pretty colors.  When I bought like around 2 years back I was very excited to try cream eyeshadow for the very first time.

I  followed every step meticulously- you know the matt eyeshadow all over the lids, the shimmery golden pink color on top, the dark purple to line and in the outer corner and finally the highlight color under my brows. I finished the rest of my makeup, put on a pretty black top with black leggings and donned my favorite pair of shoes ( Nine West peep toes with blue stripes and red lining..I love it to pieces!!!) I was feeling great about my entire outfit and was totally excited about an evening of fun.

Imagine my dismay when half way through the evening my friend – that too a guy- looks at my eyes weirdly and says what have you put on your eyes? Its looking weird!. I was soo embarrassed. It turns out my eyeshadow had creased very badly and there was a big blob of eyeshadow on my crease. All the 3 eyeshadow colors had migrated to my crease and my eyelid was just looking oily and kinda gross.

Since that day I have never worn these eyeshadows together. I have tried these eyeshadows seperately and it creases every single time!I like the highlight color a lot and you can see that is the only color that has been used from this pallete. All the colors in this pallete are really pretty and very pigmented. But it creases so badly within 2 hours of wearing it.

Swatch of Revlon Cream eyeshadow In Pink Petal

Swatch of Revlon Cream eyeshadow In Pink Petal
Price?  $ 10 from US .Around 600 I think in India.

The Good?

  • The colors are very pretty and pigmented.
  • The packaging is quite cute and functional.
  • I love using the first color for highlighting my brow bone.

The Not So Good?

  • It creases very very badly and that too within a very short time. End of story.

Makeup-Mantra rating 4/10

I love the MAC cream eyeshadows. They wear so beautifully. The Revlon Cream eyeshadow colors are very pretty but it creases very badly. Have you tried the Revlon cream eyeshadow?

I changed the template of my blog as regular readers will notice. Do you like ? I am quite happy with the outcome J I think this looks quite chic. What do you think?  Any other  new features that you would like to see on this blog ?


  1. I use Revlon Cream shadows as a base. I have learned the hard way when it comes to creasing. LOL! I apply an eye primer, then the Revlon cream e/s, then a matching color powder e/s. I love using Not Just Nudes with a bright teal liner.

  2. thanks for the tip...i will try tht!! the colors are too pretty to just throw away

  3. revlon creame eyeshadow crease like anything..i now use them a s a base or a highlighter albeit they r so pretty :)

  4. @anamika : ya they really crease badly..whch one do you own?

  5. wow these are so pretty and creamy!!

  6. @Classyandfabulous: Ya the colors are really pretty..but they crease very badly..