Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Invisibility cloak for blemishes~ MAC Studio Finish Concealer , Review, Photos

Don’t we all wish we could just utter some magic spell like Harry Potter and all our blemishes would vanish into thin air? Just a flick of a magic wand made of phoenix tail feather or unicorn hai and we would have perfectly smooth skin. Since we are just ordinary muggles and magic is still some years away ( I am an eternal hopeful) we have to resort to the usual concealer, foundation, powder routine to fake that flawless skin.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

One such magic beauty product I have in my vanity is the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. This is a full coverage concealer and I think it is one of MAC’s best selling concealers. This is a cream concealer and it comes in a standard MAC eyeshadow pot. I have this in the color NC 45 which is just perfect for covering up blemishes. This is a bit too dark for the under eye circles. I feel it makes the area darker rather than even with the rest of the skin. I originally got this for my under eye circles. I hardly had any blemishes those days. The SA convinced me that NC 45 is the right match. When in doubt I say listen to your gut feeling. After all you know your skin tone the best. Anyway it worked out for me because suddenly I got a lot of acne which has left unsightly scars. This works very well for concealing my blemishes. Since this is creamy in consistency it is easy to pat on top of the blemish marks and they just disappear into my skin.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC 45

Price? Rs 1000 ( MAC pls bring down the prices to the US price level. Shelling out at least 1000 each time is ridiculous)

How to ? I apply with my fingers. I feel it works best this way at least for concealing blemishes. For under eye concealing a fluffy brush like MAC 217 works very well.

The Good:-
  1. This covers very well.Acne scars disappear and it doesn’t look cakey.
  2.  Very little quantity is required for each application.
  3.  The consistency is very nice. Like a thick cream
  4. Good packaging. Pot packaging might be inconvenient for some but for me it means I can control the amount of product I need.
  5. SPF 35 is an added bonus

The Not so Good:-
  1. This doesn’t layer well for under yee concealing. First layer goes on well but if I attrempt to put another layer it starts looking cakey and settles into fine lines.
  2. This doesn’t last for very long on my skin. 5 hours tops. Even less for my under eyes.
  3.  This might be too drying for dry skinned girls.

Makeup Mantra rating:- 7/10

I love the MAC studio Finish concealer for covering my blemishes. This is not my favorite product for under eye concealing though. Liquidy concealers seem to work better for my undereye. I  might not repurchase this in the future. I am still looking for that perfect concealer which will work bot both my under eyes and well as the blemishes. How do you conceal? Do you use 2 separate concealers or just one concealer dos the trick?


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  2. I agree that the staying power underneathe the eyes isn't too long.. maybe 2 hours before I have to touch up/reapply a little. I don't use setting powder, or any powder, for I feel it balls up (MAC Skinfinish esp). Do you powder your undereyes? If so, with what kind of powder?

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