Tuesday, 31 May 2011

For rosy cheeks ~ NYX Cream Blush in Diva, Review, Photos and Swatches

NYX Cream Blush In Diva

Looks can be deceptive. What looks scary red in the pan can translate to a beautiful rosy glow on the cheek.Case in point, the NYX cream blush in Diva. I have mentioned how much I love the NYX cream blushes here. This is no exception. The texture of the NYX cream blushes is amazing and they are very easy to blend.

NYX Cream blush Diva

This color looks scary red in the pan but on application it looks really beautiful. The rick is to take a really small quantity and blend.It looks like a deep rosy pink on the cheeks.

Swatch of NYX Cream blush in Diva
Price? $ 6 ( From Cherry Culture)

How to ? Take a tini tiny bit on ur fingers and tap away. The heat of ur body will melt the product and it will blend seamlessly on your skin.

The Good:-

  • I love the rosy glow it gives to my cheeks. Kinda like the flush you get when you trek in high altitudes.
  • I love the consistency of the blush. It doesn’t make my oily skin look more oily.
  • It is very easy to blend.
  • I  loveee how economical this is. Less than 300 bucks for a quality product. It cannot get any better than this.

The Not So Good:-

  • It is easy to overdo this color. I prefer blushes which are not as crazy pigmented as this. I have to apply this quite carefully , a lazy person like me prefers a product which will look good with soppy application.
  • This color might be too bright for fair skin tones.

Makeup- Mantra Rating:-7.5/10

I love love love NYX cream blushes. I think this shade Diva would look terrific on dusky skin tones like mine. This does require some work for it to look natural and hence the slightly lower rating.
Have you tried any of the NYX cream blushes? Which one is your favorite?


  1. i LOVE this shade, and have been eyeing it anywhere cherry culture is sold!!

  2. Hi :) Welcome to my blog:)

    Ya this is a very pretty blush..