Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jewellery haul ~ Accessorize and Forever New

I have been in love with Accessorize ever since I first laid eyes on the pretty pretty Accessorize baubles. But the prices make me shudder L.
I went in to Accessorize yesderday thinking I will pick up a butterfly necklace I saw on Cynthia from Indian Vanity Case here. But sadly that was out of stock. I started looking around for a long chain pendant necklace and ended up with 4 beautiful pieces of jewellery. Doesn’t that happen so very often?

Here’s what I got from Accessorize.

Butterfly charm Bracelet – Rs 795
Isn’t this cute? All different sized butterflies..pretttttty

Long Chain Pendant Necklace ( Apple) – Rs. 795
This looks better when worn J

Turquoise earrings ~ Rs. 745
I love how elegant this looks.

One more turquoise earring ~ Rs 1095
Doesn’t this look royal? Gorgeous!!!

From Forever New. Forever New jewellery sells out so fast. If I spot something one day and wait a few days to buy it I can almost never find the same piece again.

Cuff ~ Rs 600
Super like J

Yet another turquoise earring. This shopping trip was an over kill of turquoise earrings. ~Rs. 400
I am loving these cuties so far. I can’t wait to go out this weekend so that I can wear ( read flaunt) my latest possessions. :P

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