Monday, 30 May 2011

Ahoy Ayurveda!!! ~ Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk Review

Do you love exploring new malls? I love the anticipation of coming across a new brand.Whenever a new mall opens I hop,skip,jump or run to get to  it as soon as possible. So when the G7 mall opened in Mumbai I was super excited to check it out especially since all of my favorite brands were opening there- Mango,Pramod,Nine west,Aldo,Charles and Keith. When I first visited this mall I was in mall heaven. I got so excited about all these stores that I completely missed out on this new store called Iraya.

Iraya is a skincare,body care and haircare brand and there products are formulated on based on the princles of Ayurveda. Kinda like Forrest Essential I guess.To know more about them you can check them out at

The thing that instantly attracted me to their store was the simple yet elegent way it was set up.It was quite spacious (which you can't very often say for Mumbai stores) and the atmosphere was quite zen like. As soon as you enter the store you will feel like checking out all the products in detail. And they have a huge variety of products right from cleansers ,toners,mositurisers to various ayuvedic ubtans to massage oils. They also have a fresh face mask counter-something similar to the Lush fresh face masks. These last for 15 days and have to be kept refrigerated.I had just splurged close to 4 k in Mango and I didn't want to spend any more money. But I knew if I dont buy at least one thing I will keep coming back till I buy.

After much deliberation I picked up their Honey and Liquorice face lotion. I really liked the texture of this lotion.Its very fluid and gets absorbed into the skin immediately.I also loved their Wildflower body lotion. I will definitely get that when I am next in Mumbai.

Iraya Honey and Liquorice Face Milk
Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Milk

On to the review , I have been using this lotion every night for the past 2 weeks and I am liking it so far.The texture of this is really nice, its very fluid but gets absorbed easily.
And I am suprised at how moisturising it is. In morning my pores look much smaller and my skin looks more even.

Price? Rs 295 for 150ml

How to ? I apply this at night as during the day its too heavy for my oily skin.

Ingredient list for Iraya face milk

The Good :-

1- This is a good moisturising lotion for oily skin. May be dry skinned girls will not find it as moisturising.

2- It sinks in easily and I love the fluid texture of the lotion.

3- I love the natural ingredients that they use. And honey and liquorice is in the begining of the ingredient list. Unlike many other products where the ingredient you buy it for is at the bottom of the list.

3- It is very economical. Rs 295 for 150ml of quality face lotion is amazing value for money.

4- My skin feels a little more even than usual the morning after.Nothing as good as say a Brightening serum. Buy good enough for daily use.

5- I love the simple pump packing.Maybe not ideal for travel but very functional for everyday use.

The Not so Good :-

1- This lotion smells wonderful. Like honey mixed in with something yummy. Its very difficult to describe. How is it bad you ask? The smells lingers on for hours. I love the scent of my body lotions to linger on but I am apprehensive of using skincare products with strong smell.

Makeup- Mantra rating- 8/10 ( I would have rated it at 9 had it not been for the lingering scent)

I am really liking this product. To tell you the truth I was pleasantly suprised by this. I am usually very picky about facial skincare produsts. Though this is not the best moisturizer I have used till date ( I still Love the Clinique Mouiture suIge the most) I am enjoying this at the moment. My skin is looking better with each application each day. I took another beach vacation 2 weeks back and I am still mending my sun ravaged skin. I feel this is terrific value for money. Infact all of the products I tried out in the store that day were reasonably priced (Around Rs 200-400 range).

I am definitely going to go back and try out some more products especially the Wildflower body lotion. I hope its smell lingers as long as the Honey and Liqorice face milk.

If you can get hold of an Iraya store do swing by. I loved it and I have a feeling you will love it too.


  1. I saw the Iraya store in a mall nearby and was so intriguesd !! Your post made me wanna go out and get one of these!

  2. I loved the store layout...Did you try anything at the store? do try the wildflower body smells wonderful :) :)..i regret not getting it tht time

  3. ya they all seemed great :) any suggestions?